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Real Estate People

I can say that one of my favorite Skins episode is when Chris became a real estate agent.

He had to struggle with many of his problems, and it was quite amazing to see him go through them, even if it was difficult for him for he never gave up.

Even if it was just a television series, it inspired me so, and increased my interest in real estate issues.

Young Entrepreneurs

I’m still amazed by the fact that young people can actually earn so much.

This post goes out to all the young entrepreneurs or businessmen and women out there, I salute you!

It’s not easy to actually be successful in this world, just because you graduated at a good school or university, doesn’t mean that you get a good job with a good pay.

Hell, I even know a few people who graduated from top tier universities that are expensive and ended up being baristas in Starbucks.

It’s sad, but we have to face the truth, good schools don’t mean anything. It’s all up to the student who learned everything and applied them to real life.

The Epic Music Industry

I have always been interested in music since I was young, and I can say that music plays a huge role in my life.

I long for the day when the music industry rises to the top, and everyone appreciates it.

I really love playing in front of big crowds and showing them what I got. It’s what makes me happy.

Sad part is, making money in the music industry isn’t so easy. Most people’s parents won’t even approve of their child becoming a musician, and it’s frustrating, for there are so many people with great talents that can actually shine out there.

Young and Earning

Young artists out there are truly remarkable.

At their young age, they already made a mark in the world, and are earning so much.

I used to dream of being one of them when I was young, I even practiced acting in front of the mirror.

I had this fantasy of being in hollywood, you see.

Doing what you love and earning money from it would be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

The “Innernette”

The internet is an amazing place to earn money in.

There’s a lot of things you can do, since our society nowadays depend on it.

There’s online banking, shopping, gaming, and many more. I personally take or spend a lot of time in websites like triplejack or newgrounds. I never get bored of them for some reason.

Some of the people I know also got famous via youtube! I thought about posting videos of me playing the guitar, but then I changed my mind since I was too shy.

I have seen people who have very original ideas and turned out to be quite successful in this industry, and I hope to be like them.

Fire and Burglar-Proof Your Home

My boss recently bought a house in a posh village. I overheard him dictate to his secretary awhile ago to get him application forms for fire and burglar insurance… I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know you can actually have your home fire and burglar proofed with insurance.

Then again, home should be one of the safest places for us. To ensure that we’ll always have that sanctuary for peace and relaxation, getting insurances like that are a very good deal. This prompted me to do some research and to discover a fascinating fact – there is such a thing as combined home insurance. It insures your home against fire, burglary, theft and larceny. Now isn’t that neat?

I’ll recommend that to my boss when I get to talk with him. ^_^