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Cars: Asset or Liability?

Today, commercial ads are mostly about cars, and it got me thinking: are cars worth all the money? Sure, it saves us the trouble of falling in line in taxi stands and sitting on public transportation while sniffing on the sweaty armpits of the person next to you, but you have to consider the fact that you’d also have to pay for the maintenance of the car and parking fees!

I’d prefer riding a bike, but nowadays, riding a bicycle actually turns you into an instant roadkill (well for me at least). I’ve seen too many car accidents with bicycles involved and I can really say that it’s not pretty (it’s actually given me many nightmares!), so I just stick with public transportation. Even though it has disadvantages, you could actually save the environment AND save money, too!

True Happiness

The key to happiness isn’t always earning a lot of money.

You could earn millions a week, yet still be sad and depressed about it. It’s the little things in life. You just need to know how to appreciate them and be happy.

I’ll always choose a low pay job doing what I love than being a sad corporate puppet anyday.

Gadget World

In the fast-paced society that we live in now, we all depend on gadgets.

Look, almost all of us have cellular phones. We even give it out to people whom we just met along with our names.

Music lovers have iPods, and gamers have PS2s, PS3s, and XBOX 360s. Businessmen and women have Blackberries, and young and old people alike have laptops.

Apple has so many products that we all use in everyday living, it’s just so amazing how they get all these ideas, innovate them, sell them to the public, and make us all believe we can’t live without them once we buy them.

Now most of us can’t live without our iPods. Take me, for example.