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on career dilemma

My old colleague Karmina, who’s currently studying in Brooks Photography School, and I recently had coffee. While sipping through my cold coffee, I related the job offer I got as a project manager and the dilemma I was in because I could not decide if that position was worth sacrificing my current lifestyle – which is freelancing, part-timing, with a lot of time in my hands but enough cash.

She pointed out that with my talent and skills, I can get better job offers without having to slave myself working. Then again, the job position they are offering me is my dream job – (almost) complete control of the project I’ve been working on for more than three years. Who can resist it?

I made the right choice cause with my first week as project manager, our CEO and another higher up are singing praises and commending me for a job well done – something they never did in my more than three years of working there. I hope this keeps up.

Looking for Apartment for Rent in Pasadena, California

After encountering, my mom was encouraged to take a cooking course and has been thinking of going to California to study Culinary Arts. The only thing that’s stopping her is that she does not have a place to stay in yet when she does pursue her course.

I’m currently helping her find an apartment for rent in Pasadena, California and as of the moment, I’m not quite satisfied with the locations I’ve come up with. We’re just looking for something cozy and accessible since she’ll only be staying for a few months. So far, my best bet is the one bedroom apartment in the Pasadena Apartment Complex. I still have to visit the place first for inspection. If you have another suggestion, please feel free to comment.

the importance of potential area development in real estate

I’ve been hearing a lot about people moving to places at the other side of the globe with the great job offers they are receiving. Some examples are my friend Lester, who’s going to Arizona because he was given a great opportunity to teach in Collins College, and JC, who went to Japan because of the high-paying job he was offered as a designer.

I guess job opportunities, the amount of salary one receives in particular; do have a great effect on real estate. Meaning, one generally will never even consider moving to another place if the merits do not outweigh the odds, or if “the lemon is not worth the squeeze”, as my friend Nap aptly puts it. Consequently, if an area does not have much development or even a potential to develop, people will not move there, and the land value will not increase much.

advanced UK property finding tool

I already consider having a list of over 12,000 UK estate agents a great feat for a company. But add having a website that has an advanced property finding tools to that company… now that is something. I’m referring to

How did I encounter that heaven sent UK real estate website? I found out about it from my very good friend, Jehan. You see, her cousins recently bought properties for sale in York at a very good rate with the help of that website and their staff, and are planning to buy some properties in Sheffield when their company gets sold. They were so happy about the service, the advanced search tools and helpful property tools that they excitedly spread the word to their entire clan (Jehan included) and circle of friends.

I couldn’t blame them though. Those looking for, say, flats to buy in Leeds, would be able to easily sift through properties in Leeds in their website. If you’re not satisfied with the result, they have a “Get Property Alerts” to keep you up to date of the latest properties for sale in your chosen location, and a “Find Estate Agents in Your Area” to help you get properties that may not be on the web.

Unbelievable? You can check it out for yourself to see how useful that website is.

Oahu in the hot seat of real estate

Hawaii has been on the list of top archipelagic places of many people, including me. Who wouldn’t want to be in this place? As someone aptly described the place, “Eleven different climate zones generate everything from lush rain forests to arid deserts, black sand beaches to snow-capped mountaintops. The Big Island is Hawaii’s biggest playground.”

Based from a relocation real estate news, a lot of relocation Realtors are recommending people to transfer or relocate in Hawaii. Their recommendation is not unfounded though. Hawaii real estate agent offers the finest active properties on Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai and Maui. Add the tempting year round climate in Oahu beaches and a range of fun and active water sports activities there, it’s easy to understand why many people are drawn to the blue waters of Oahu.

one stop shop San Diego real estate

For those planning to move to San Diego, whether you’re just looking or on the verge of relocating, you might consider having a look at a great resource for San Diego foreclosure, La Jolla real estate, and Pacific Beach real estate at

Just so you know, La Jolla is considered as the jewel of Southern California with a relaxing environment suited for any family. Mind you, private and public beaches line the waterfront of this area. The Pacific Beach, in comparison, is definitely a haven for beach lovers – golden sands, exciting night life, beachfront dining, the Sea World amusement park, surfing competitions… need I go on?

In spite of the big bubble scare, the San Diego real estate is nonetheless appreciating. To know more about how this is possible and for a complete line of real estate services that the offers, do check out their site.

mortgage loan quotes tool

Owning a house costs a lot of money. It is usually rare for a person to be able to buy a house in a one-time, full payment cash mode. If you’re one of these people, consider yourself lucky. For those who belong to this average clause, do not fret. This is precisely why mortgages or home loans exist.

There are as many mortgage loan quotes as there are different requirements of the mortgagee (as if house hunting and selecting your dream house is not hard enough). With this in mind, people usually have a hard time trimming down their choices.

Then again, there are websites which can help you narrow down your choices like Mortgage Mart. They have a tool which gives you a free quote based on the loan type, home type, credit rating, and the location or state that you select. Of course, this is just a filter. You still need to give them some basic information so that they can cater to your needs by matching it with the best possible mortgage. As with others, this transaction is secure. Oh, and may I remind you – it’s free!

Still, it is best that you seek assistance of a real estate agent before making your final decision.