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company outing plans for the summer

This summer, my colleagues and I are planning to hold our company outing at Beach Palace Cancun, Mexico. This place opened early 2007 and has luxurious rooms with double Jacuzzis! Of course, only the top guns get to avail those rooms.

Still, we are sure to have a great time especially since our package includes water sports activities, one scuba diving demonstration, and use of their new ultra-modern spa. Everyone’s more enthusiastic with the fact that they can finally wear scuba diving gear and beach clothes.

To cap it off, our other colleagues with kids need not worry about taking care of them because their kids will be busy participating in the “Kidz Club” activities such as hand crafts, painting lessons, sand castles, hide and seek, ice cream time, cinema, and a Pinata party. Summer, here we come!

on acquiring knowledge

To become successful in this field, you need to know all of the basics in real estate. You can acquire such knowledge in many ways. The popular ones are through reading real estate-related books and watching ‘how to’ videos. But the most practical one is to attend or avail of wealth building seminars. This is because in real estate investing seminars, you can be sure to ask as many questions as you want at every stage and get immediate feedback. Remember, there is no such thing as a question that is too basic. Whatever your concerns are, or even concerns you have not thought of, it will or can be brought about during the course of the seminar by you, the presider, or your fellow participants.

In any investment, the principle of “the more knowledge you gain, the more money you can make” applies. I hope that by the time you part ways with your money to put it up in a sound investment, you have already acquired a lot of knowledge to turn that cash into millions. Not possible? Ask any real estate investor and I’m sure he’ll have you bringing out your entire savings in no time.