My mother has been fond of cooking since I was young. I sometimes think that it was her secret dream to become a world famous chef.

Everytime I eat something that she cooks, I cry a little inside because I couldn’t handle the awesomeness. Maybe I’m biased because she’s my mother, but we all have a little bias inside us, don’t you think?

Maybe one day I’ll start a restaurant of my own, and get rich with that.

I’m getting too many ideas now, aren’t I?


Condo, Apartment or Dorm?

When I was in college I had a hard time trying to choose between the three.

A dorm is quite cheap and practical, but you’d have to live and deal with room mates. An apartment is a little more expensive since you’d have to pay for electricity and water consumption and the condo is usually the most expensive and most luxurious one between the three.

I tried living on a dorm and I stayed there for a year, but at some point I almost wanted to skin my room mates alive for I just couldn’t deal with their mess. I ended up sticking to an apartment since it’s not as expensive as a condo. I found the increase in payment more worth it than the stress and depression having annoying room mates could give.


The History of the Concept of Property

Way back during the primitive era, everything was conjugal. The people from that era knew how to share things. They were nomads. They lived life pretty simply, being the parasites of nature, as historians call it, for they simply move from one place to another as long as the resources began to deplete slowly each day, that it reaches the point where it can’t support them anymore.

Then people discovered farming, or how to plant things. The concept of property began here. The surplus from the plants that they have rooted from the ground became theirs, and they stopped sharing. People who needed the surplus from the ones who have them only was able to pay through labor. Eventually the concept of property evolved to feudal property, and to what we are now today.


Real Estate People

I can say that one of my favorite Skins episode is when Chris became a real estate agent.

He had to struggle with many of his problems, and it was quite amazing to see him go through them, even if it was difficult for him for he never gave up.

Even if it was just a television series, it inspired me so, and increased my interest in real estate issues.


The Qualities of a Good Restaurant

I’ve decided to spend my time to write about what an ideal restaurant has for me. I’ve had my fair share of dining in restaurants, and these are the things that my friends and I usually look for in a resto.

1. Ambiance. I personally don’t want to sit in a place outside the street where I could breathe in smoke that cars on the road emit or walls full of termites or cockroaches, it just doesn’t help my appetite.

2. Service with a Smile. Who would want to eat something that a waiter who is frowning gave to you, anyway?

3. Birthday Treats. I personally want to make birthdays a little special, having the staff of a restaurant sing happy birthday with guitars and tambourines wouldn’t be so bad.

4. Cleanliness. Clean utensils, tables and chairs are a big plus! We must consider hygiene in all cases, people!

5. Good, Presentable Food. What good would everything else be without the scrumptuous and beautiful meal?!

I guess those are the basics. I’m a pretty shallow person, like everyone else. If you own a restaurant and you think your restaurant has these qualities, then I give you my two thumbs up!


Making Money

When I was young, I always thought making money was easy.

I was wrong.

As I grew older, I opened my eyes to all the less fortunate people, how they had to struggle and work so much and still get nothing in return. The sad part is, that’s how life works, but the secret to all this is to never give up and lose hope, for if you do, you lose the game of life.


Location, Location, Location!

Location is one of the things that a commercial business worries about when they’re about to start. They’d have to answer questions such as ‘Would we have enough customers to gain a reasonable amount of profit?’ or ‘Is there enough competition to raise interest in our business but not too much for us to lose customers?’. Starting a business isn’t easy, since you would really have to consider even the puniest detail.

You can’t just invest your money on something even if you know you’d lose everything you worked hard for.


Stocks = Game

Investing in stocks is amazing. It’s like a more mature way of gambling.

I personally see it as a game, for you choose where to invest your money, and you have a chance of losing it, and if you’re lucky, you gain even more than you hoped for.

I’ve always been interested in the stock market, I just started, though, so I’m still figuring out how it works and trying to make techniques of my own to be able to earn more than I lose.


The Benefits of Books

Books are actually one of the greatest things where you could raise profit from. You could learn a lot of things from them if you know how to choose wisely.

Other books may not exactly help you to raise money or teach you how to earn, but they can help you free your mind from the stress that everything around you gives.

For me, earning money while enjoying what you’re doing is one of life’s greatest pleasures.


Young Entrepreneurs

I’m still amazed by the fact that young people can actually earn so much.

This post goes out to all the young entrepreneurs or businessmen and women out there, I salute you!

It’s not easy to actually be successful in this world, just because you graduated at a good school or university, doesn’t mean that you get a good job with a good pay.

Hell, I even know a few people who graduated from top tier universities that are expensive and ended up being baristas in Starbucks.

It’s sad, but we have to face the truth, good schools don’t mean anything. It’s all up to the student who learned everything and applied them to real life.

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